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Jul 2023
Warehouse Automation

Staying competitive: Smart load carrier handling for the automotive industry

Robotics on the rise: According to analysis by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the automotive industry is the most automated sector in the world. For example, robot density in Germany is already 1,311 robots per 10,000 employees (6th place). This compares with 2,044 robots in Switzerland and 1,287 robots per 10,000 employees in the USA.*

But what challenges does the automotive industry have to face?

The automotive industry is very dynamic. Constantly increasing global competition is putting pressure on automotive manufacturers, forcing them to further automate the areas of production, manufacturing and logistics. To remain competitive, automation should focus on smart process design, which requires flexible systems. In addition, not only a simple installation is important, but above all user-friendly operability is becoming increasingly important. Qualified employees, who are today's most valuable resource, are thus massively relieved and can pursue other activities.

Automation for increasing competitiveness

It is no secret that automation is essential to remain competitive in the future. The high degree of automation in the automotive industry, as well as in other sectors, shows that many companies are already successfully using robots to optimize various areas. However, there are even more processes with high automation potential - including the handling of small load carriers. 

More efficiency thanks to AI-based SLC handling

Automating processes with small load carriers (SLC) offers numerous advantages. By using robots and autonomous technology, repetitive tasks can be completed more efficiently. Automated movement of small load carriers in warehouses or production facilities enables optimized resource utilization while reducing human workload. By integrating sensors and Artificial Intelligence, SLC can also handle complex tasks such assorting, stacking or transporting goods. This advanced automation technology improves productivity, minimizes errors and lowers costs. Repetitive handling tasks associated with high volumes can thus be automated quite easily, thanks to smart industrial robotics.

The ready-to-use package for smart SLC handling

Flexible, robust, simple. That's all you need for efficient automation of processes with load carriers - and exactly these three core elements combines robominds in an out-of-the-box solution: the perfect combination of the AI-based robobrain®, a compact LC gripper with integrated vision camera and other suitable robotic components.

What features does this solution bring to the table?

High flexibility for a smart process:

Thanks to robobrain®'s Artificial Intelligence and AI skills, no mechanical alignment of the SLC is necessary, as the AI recognizes the load carriers regardless of their position. This means that various conveyor systems and load carriers can be used without any further programming, making the entire solution flexible and robust – also in the longterm.

Special gripper for even greater efficiency:

The specially developed LC gripper reaches into the lifting shafts of the load carriers from above, so that no space is required next to the SLCs when they are stacked on a pallet, for example. In addition, this gripper is smaller and lighter than competing products (incl. camera 7kg), but still has up to 30kg payload (depending on the robot payload).

Compact design for fast cycle times:

The robobrain.eye vision camera is optimally integrated into the gripper so that no external assembly is necessary. Thereby the robot does not have to make any complex movements but can simply take a camera picture just above the box and then move directly down to the load carrier. This not only saves space, but also leads to better cycle times.

Compatibility for high performance:

Thanks to the open interfaces of robobrain®, individual components can easily be added or exchanged, regardless of manufacturer, to achieve maximum payloads and speeds. In addition, thanks to this compatibility, suitable solutions can be created with the right components for individual processes.

Easy installation for fast implementation:

The out-of-the-box solution comes with everything needed for optimal process design. The individual components can be installed quickly, and thanks to the AI-based software, no complex programming is required.

You want to automate a process with load carriers and are still looking for a suitable solution? We are happy to help you!

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The SLC Handling Package at a glance:

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Vivien Weiser
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