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As one of the most innovative robotics companies in Munich, we have made it our mission to revolutionize the industry as the market leader for intelligent robotics. With our robobrain® - the control platform for robots - we lay the foundation for innovative, AI-based solutions in robotics and therefore advance our customer projects as well as our own vision: making robots smart. Every day, we work together on the latest AI skills with the aim of creating smart robotics solutions for today - and the future.


How it all started

A success story since 2016

robominds was founded in 2016 by Andreas Däubler and Tobias Rietzler in Munich. The software developer and the electrical engineer are united by a passion for technology and a heart for SMEs – united in the vision of making robotics easy accessible.Their goal was to give robots a perception and enable easy usability for everyone. What started as a vision of the two founders in August 2016, resulted about 1 year later in the first robobrain® - the first control platform for robots based on Artifical Intelligence. Today, the patented robobrain® technology provides the basis for automation solutions for a wide range of industries.

Andreas Däubler

CTO | Founder

He wrote his first software at the age of eight and his early discovered passion for really good code remains today as popular as ever. Andreas knows very well that the possibilities of programming and artificial intelligence are virtually limitless if you only know how to use them – with exactly this motto he tirelessly pushes the development and optimization of the robominds product range.

“What lies behind our software is anything but trivial – but it should be trivially usable. This balancing act is our vision, realized daily with a great team.”

Tobias Rietzler

CEO | Founder

A childhood in the idyllic Allgäu region was followed by an international school career in Bangkok. Tobias has taken the best of both worlds – he finds himself in the production facilities of medium-sized companies as well as on the big speaker stage. The qualified electrical engineer is as visionary as he is down-to-earth – and not only wants to think big, but above all do big things:

“At robominds we set ourselves great goals and we achieve them – primarily through two things: genuine expertise and hard work.”

Team robominds

We are united by our passion for AI robotics

At our two locations in the north of Munich, problems become challenges and bold visions become innovative products. Here, software and hardware experts are united by a passion for robotics - and a desire for technical challenges. Together we raise robotics to a new level, towards true Artificial Intelligence. We don't ask "Can it be done?", but "How can it be done?". In any case, the answer is: with a strong, interdisciplinary team. Team spirit plays a big role for us, and not just in many exciting projects. Activities such as Knowledge Lunch, our Pizza Wednesday, employee events or the joint lunch in the canteen - social life and know-how exchange are important parts of our daily work.


Advisory Board

We trust our advisory board

Anton Kullh
Claus Bässler
Johannes Fottner
Manfred Rietzler