AI automates AutoStore®

Smart picking in warehouses

With our partner HÖRMANN Logistik, we have combined two complementary technologies: The efficient small parts warehouse AutoStore® was expanded with the pick-by-robot solution from robominds, creating a highly automated storage and order-picking system.
Where manual bin picking used to predominate, modern hardware components together with smart AI skills now take over the order-picking of a wide variety of products. According to the given order products and goods can thus be efficiently and reliably assembled from the entire product range. The unique combination of robobrain®, robotic arm, robobrain.eye and smart AI skills enables the robot to perform a human-like hand-eye-coordination without prior training. Thanks to the pre-trained AI skills, there is no need to teach-in the individual products, what makes the solution time and cost-efficient.
In addition, the flexible solution enables an instant adaptation of processes even with a constantly changing product portfolio. Equipped with AI robotics, the AutoStore® solution is flexibly adaptable to different areas and industries - from pharmaceuticals to food to returns processing. This makes warehouse automation easier and more efficient than ever before.


Storage & picking of various products such as boxes, bottles or bags


Can be used for a wide range of industries, such as e-commerce, e-grocery, logistics & health


Works around the clock, 24/7h in use


Fewer picking errors thanks to AI-based pick-by-robot


No need to teach-in the individual products, thanks to pre-trained AI skills


Maximum storage in minimum space


Additional compaction functionality during downtimes


ROI < 2 years

KI Technologie

Thanks to flexible AI skills, which can simply be downloaded to the robobrain®, it is possible to enable a robot to grab and order-pick many different parts from the AutoStore®. Even with a constantly growing or changing product range, new products do not have to be taught individually in the system, as the skills are already pre-trained and thus already cover a wide range of objects. These skills can be used together with an AutoStore®:

Generic partial recognition of small to medium sized objects and differentiation between various products

› Supported grippers: Vacuum, Parallel

› Object types: including boxes, bags, bottles, cans, tubes, etc.

Detection and handling of small to medium-sized parts with vacuum grippers, and analysis of optimal picking points

› Supported grippers: vacuum, a.o. Piab

› Object types: including boxes, bags, bottles, cans, tubes, etc.

Detection and handling of small to medium-sized objects with two-finger grippers, as well as analysis of the best gripping axis for an object

› Supported grippers: Zimmer, OnRobot, Robotiq, Schunk

› Object types: including boxes, bulk objects, etc.

Marker ID recognition, e.g. for position return to a robot, mounted on a mobile platform. This makes it possible to have a mobile robot independently drive to the port of an AutoStore® system and order-pick there.

› Supported marker types: Aruco Marker, April Tags

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Warehouse 2.0 in a nutshell

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