SMART pICKing of different objects with robobrain hand


The ability to grasp is an essential capability for autonomous action. Like humans, it enables robots to interact with their environment and perform tasks such as grasping and manipulating objects, assembling parts, and moving objects from one place to another. Gripping technology has advanced greatly in recent years. Many robots today are equipped with sophisticated gripping systems that can adapt to different shapes and sizes of objects.

LED Gripper

The LED Gripper for vacuum picking

With the LED Gripper developed by robominds, robotic solutions that require vacuum gripping technology can be equipped very easily - and in an attractive design. The gripper thereby imitates the human hand and thus provides the robot with one of its most important capabilities.


The gripper was designed for mounting on an Universal Robots e-series robot flange and using the robobrain.eye vision system. The length was especially chosen so that the gripper can pick from boxes without risk of collision. The LED Gripper can be equipped with different suction cups and thus offers a flexible solution for various application scenarios. The integrated analog vacuum sensor enables safe process organization.

132 individually controllable LEDs, e.g. to display system status
external vacuum supply connected directly to the flange of the gripper
Mounting of various suction cups via the internal thread at the lower end of the gripper
mountable for tool flange according to ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 by four M6 screws

The LED Gripper in use

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