Every robot needs a brain


robobrain® is the hardware future of robotics: intelligent, process-oriented, universally applicable. A control platform for robots based on true AI - the brain that gives industrial robots intelligence where previously tedious learning was predominant. Automation processes can thus be implemented quickly, without expert knowledge and independent of manufacturers.


One robobrain® - endless possibilities

Through the combination of robobrain® and in-house developed AI skills, different components such as robot arms, grippers and vision systems can be controlled and combined as desired. Depending on the required ability or skill, individual solutions for warehouse and laboratory automation are created.

The robobrain® forms the basis of every smart automation solution

Skills make the robobrain® smart and give the robot its capabilities

Individually expanded by additional components, such as vision systems, grippers, etc., customized solutions are created.

Smart automation with robobrain®

The flexibility of robobrain® makes it possible to create completely new solutions for the problems of various industries, which are particularly time- and cost-efficient. The effort for programming work is saved and a high degree of reusability is created.

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Individually combine robobrain®

The AI-based industrial computer can be flexibly implemented on manufacturer-independent robot hardware. Various grippers, sensors, cameras and warehouse management systems can be integrated.

robobrain® in a nutshell


One platform. No expert knowledge necessary.


No complex programming. AI skills provide the process intelligence needed.


Robot integration becomes possible for everyone.


Robots can react independently to changes. Without renewed programming effort.


Manufacturer-independent interfaces to various software and hardware components.

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