Lab Automation

Detecting, sorting and verifying samples

The laboratories in Germany do not have enough employees
Samples per shift with an average of eight employees

A steadily increasing volume of samples and less qualified employees: 87% of laboratories in Germany do not have enough staff to handle the daily testing work of laboratory samples. Demographic change is further intensifying this problem, as more and more testing capacity is needed due to the aging population. Even today, German laboratories have to process around 4,500 samples per shift by an average of eight employees. At the same time, the laboratory environment offers numerous opportunities for smart automation. Explore how we can easily and flexibly relieve your lab with AI robotics.

Smart automation of laboratory processes

Sample handling


After arriving at the laboratory all the samples have to be sorted. The problem: a large number of samples are arriving at the same time and employees from other work areas have to interrupt their work and help out with sorting the samples.
A robot can thereby provide reliable support: the AI-based sample handling from robominds enables robots to automatically recognize, grasp and sort different samples - regardless of content & cap color. In this way employees can be relieved in their daily work and peak times can be managed efficiently.


› Supported cap colors: blue, orange, green, yellow, red, purple
› Supported sample diameters: 5 - 80 mm

Sample Tube
Detection Skill

ASR300, ASR600

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Loading & unloading centrifuges


Another task in laboratories is the loading and unloading of centrifuges for further analysis of any samples. The centrifuging is done autonomously in the centrifuge itself, but the loading and unloading of the samples can also be done automatically. With the combination of robobrain®, AI skill and robot, it is possible to load and unload small centrifuges flexibly and reliably.


› Supported centrifuge types: Small centrifuges
› Supported sample diameters: 5 - 80 mm

Sample Tube
Detection Skill


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