The mobile assistant for laboratories

Flexible solutions for the laboratory environment become more and more relevant. They increase efficiency, support during workload fluctuations and can react quickly to changing conditions. The uMobileLAB from the robominds partner RobSolutions (United Robotics Group) creates exactly this flexibility: a mobile robot with a collaborative robot arm that can be flexibly deployed at the places where its help is needed at the moment.

Equipped with the robobrain® technology, smart AI skills, suitable sensors and gripping technology, the uMobileLAB relieves laboratory staff in their daily work by the smart automation of sample handling and taking over various intralogistics tasks. The mobile assistant can be easily connected to existing laboratory information management systems (LIMS). Its open interfaces also enable connectivity and communication with other devices in the laboratory, such as centrifuges, analyzers or quality tests. Apart from the lab environment, this also results in application scenarios for areas such as hospitals, manufacturing, food production, quality assurance and logistics or educational institutions.

Smart sample handling through intelligent identification and prioritization
Loading and operation of diagnostic equipment
Connection to laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and standardized interfaces from the medical, pharmaceutical and food sectors
Solving various pick-and-place as well as handling tasks (picking up objects, opening doors and cabinets)
Laboratory sample identification
Level monitoring of laboratory samples
Quality control
Opening and closing samples
Pipetting of different media and units
Archiving samples
Controlling, loading and unloading of centrifuges
Reliable voice control, possible communication with operator
robobrain® technology with smart AI skills as basis
Mobile platform for autonomous navigation
Sensor technology for safe runaround and stopping
Interactive display for communicating with uGO software platform
Cobot with gripping technology for operating, gripping and placing various objects or equipment
Integrated camera for object detection
Microphone and speaker for voice interaction

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