Mobile Kitbot

Flexible picking in shelf warehouses

Imagine: Intelligent robots drive through huge shelves in warehouses and assemble all the required parts for further processing. The Mobile Kitbot makes exactly that possible: The combination of driverless transport system, robotic arm and robobrain® enables completely autonomous order-picking of goods and parts in the shelf aisle. Thanks robominds AI skills, the robot is enabled to recognize and remove all parts from bins without the need for extensive prior training. With the integrated box gripper, the Mobile Kitbot can not only grab individual parts, but also entire boxes, and thus repeatedly carry out new jobs on its own - without manual assistance.

When several Mobile Kitbots are used within a warehouse, Factory 4.0 becomes reality: The system manages information about all robot controllers used in the process. Each system constellation, for example robot arm and gripper or robot and moving platform, is recorded and the status tracked - intelligently and in real time. This creates a constant overview of the health status of each individual robot used - and therefore of the entire facility.


Completely independent order-picking, thanks to the mobile platform and suitable skills


Smart fleet control and job distribution of multiple Mobile Kitbots


Recognition and gripping of different parts through smart AI skills - without teaching the individual objects


Flexible use thanks to mobile driving platform

AI technology
Gripper technology
Robot arm
Mobile robot
Safety sensors

Our AI-based skills can be easily downloaded to the robobrain® and give the robot new capabilities. Three different skills enable the Mobile Kitbot to receive three different capabilities: the smart recognition and gripping of a wide variety of parts, the independent handling of containers and the reading of markers and their individually stored information. This empowers the Mobile Kitbot to carry out complete picking processes independently.

With the Smart Item Picking Skill, a wide variety of components can be recognized and picked. Thanks to the pre-trained skills, components do not have to be taught individually, which saves time and costs.

› Supported grippers: Vacuum, Parallel, a.o. Piab, Zimmer, OnRobot, Robotiq, Schunk

› Object types: including boxes, bags, bottles, cans, tubes, etc.

Position and content detection of KLTs and similar containers: A robot equipped with a box gripper and the KLT Handling Skill can independently start a new picking process by getting an empty box for the next order. In doing so, the skill can be used to ensure whether this box is empty or whether there is still a part in it. In addition, KLT boxes can also be stacked for example onto a pallet from a conveyor belt.

› supported containers: KLT

Marker ID detection for accurate position return to the Mobile Kitbot, generating better orientation in large warehouses. In addition, the skill can also output content information so that for example box content information can be passed to the robot.

› supported markers: Aruco Marker, April Tags

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