AI Starter Package

The easy entry into AI robotics


The robobrain® AI Starter Package is the all-in-one package for intelligent robotics: The smart combination of robobrain®, robobrain.eye and matching robobrain.skills. Extended by further robotics components, such as robot arm, vision system and different gripper technologies, smart solutions for various processes and application areas are created.

Start immediately

The robobrain® Starter Package delivers everything you need to get started right away.


Smart AI skills for various processes: react quickly and flexibly to changes.

Save costs

Reduce operational costs by up to 30% with the targeted use of robobrain®.


Complex AI algorithms simply packaged in AI skills - no need for time-consuming teach-in process.

Expand your portfolio

Create multiple new solutions by combining robobrain® with other robotic components as desired.


Thanks to its open interfaces, robobrain® can be individually combined with various robotic components.

AI out of the Box

The robobrain® Starter Package

Getting robobrain® up and running is as easy as it can be: robobrain®, robobrain.eye and AI skills come as an all-in-a-box package, completed with a quickstart guide in form of a video tutorial. The complete package: open it - and get started.

Unboxing 2.0

Just 5 steps to the first pick:

Unpack suitcase
Mount robobrain.eye
Calibrate the camera
Define workspace
Upload AI Skill and get started

Factsheet robobrain® Starter Package

The easy entry into AI robotics

Technical Data // Components // Implementation possibilities // Set-up

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