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Apr 2023
Warehouse Automation
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8 reasons to start automating your warehouse today

Supply chain issues, high labor costs, fluctuating demand, labor-intensive warehouse processes – does that sound familiar? Smart warehouse automation can solve these problems - whether at goods receipt, storage, order-picking, shipping or at goods issue. We’re presenting you 8 significant reasons why you should start automating your warehouse today.

1. Increased productivity

Smart automated processes increase the productivity level in your warehouse sustainably and in long-term. Robotic applications can – based on the individual needs – work up to 24/7, don’t need breaks and have a consistent and reliable performance level. This leads to a way higher output and an increased production speed in comparison to complex, time consuming manual processes.

2. Minimized injury risk

The right automation strategy results in lowering safety costs. Where employees had to handle heavy and unhandy goods themselves, smart robots can now support employees by taking over these ungrateful tasks. This reduces the risk of injuries and therefore has a positive effect on the employee health in the workplace.

3. Optimized warehouse space

Warehouse space is valuable - and limited. External storage options are expensive and impractical. With automation the corridors for handling processes in warehouses can be reduced to a minimum and more storage space is available. Smart AI-based skills used in AI robotics also enable robots to condense goods and thereby save even more space.  

4. Decreased operating costs

Manual processes not only cost time, but above all money. With the automation of such processes, costs can be saved efficiently in the medium to long term - not only by saving resources, but also through faster and more reliable handling processes. The flexibility of AI robotics also allows cost-saving customization of the solution whenever necessary.

5. Less process interruptions

Smart automation means little to no more process interruptions. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, time consuming teach-in processes are eliminated, as AI skills are already pre trained. Thereby automation processes become flexible and a smooth process flow is ensured.

6. Better accuracy

Precise automation with the combination of AI, vision and other robotics components such as the right gripping technology can reduce the error rate in handling processes to a minimum.

7. Scalability

As your business grows, automated systems can help enhance warehouse scalability by increasing production and storage capacity. This enables flexibility and the ability to react in a constantly changing world with new challenges arising day-to-day.

8. Increasing customer loyalty

Today’s consumer expectations for delivery speeds are getting higher and higher. Fast and accurate delivery of goods thanks to faster and more efficient automated processes can help increase customer satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty.

Ready to start your automation journey?

There are several approaches and ways to address the different challenges in warehouses. One of the most promising: smart automation with collaborative robots. Whether at goods receiving, order-picking or shipping - smart robotics solutions can support employees by eliminating time-consuming processes and – if robots are already in use – make these even more efficient by adding Artificial Intelligence. Employees are thus relieved; time and money are saved.

No more annoying box lugging at the goods receipt area – with smart depalletizing

In order to bring more smart automation into warehouses in an easy way, robominds and piab developed the Depalletizing Kit – a ready-to-use combination of robobrain®(the brain that gives robots human intelligence), piab’s vacuum gripping technology piCOBOT®L and suitable robotic components. The AI-based Depalletizing Skill used in this application enables the robot to recognize variable load carrier positions and stacking (e.g. cartons on a pallet).

Download the Depalletizing Factsheet here

Curious now?

Explore the depalletizing solution live at this year’s LOGIMAT, the international trade fair for intralogistics solutions and process management in Stuttgart from 25th – 27th April at Hall 7, Booth 7C71. Don't miss this opportunity to see firsthand how this powerful combination can transform your palletizing and depalletizing operations.

Maurice Brodhun
Head of Marketing