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Feb 2024
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These are the countries with the highest robot density worldwide

According to the current World Robotics report from the International Federation of Robotics, the robot density reached a new high of 151 robots per 10,000 workers worldwide in 2022. The EU leads the world with an average of 208 units per 10,000 employees. For comparison: on average, North America achieved 188 units and Asia 168 units in 2022.

But who are the top candidates in Europe? In addition to Germany, Sweden and Switzerland also fall into the top 10 worldwide. However, Germany takes the lead in Europe in third place with 415 industrial robots per 10,000 employees. This puts Germany directly behind South Korea (1,012 units) and Singapore (730 units) in the world ranking.

A look at the Asian region shows: Germany is closely followed by Japan (397 units) and China (392 units). Both countries have invested heavily in automation in recent years and have therefore quickly caught up - but the United States has also caught up and is in tenth place worldwide with 285 units.

Robot density in the manufacturing industry 2022 - Source: IFR
Development of the world average robot density - Source: IFR

About robot density

The unit of robot density represents an important key figure for measuring the level of automation in different countries around the world and thus making it comparable. The ratio of the industrial robots used to the number of employees is relevant. This ultimately creates a basis for comparison.

Alexandra Schmidt
Working Student, Marketing and Events