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Feb 2024
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robominds CEO Tobias Rietzler as guest on the podcast "Kinematic Conversations"

Definitely worth listening to: In the latest episode of the robotics podcast “Kinematic Conversations” by robotics specialist Ilir Aliu, robominds founder and CEO Tobias Rietzler gives a very personal insight into his professional journey, what brought him to robotics and what he has learned along the way.

Click here to listen to the podcast episode!

Tobias Rietzler: Pioneering AI Robotics in Manufacturing

 Grab your headphones, press "play" and learn more about...

💡how growing up in Thailand brought him to the world of robotics

💡what led him to become an entrepreneur

💡what a cobot actually is, what it does and what it really enables

💡what is the most common misunderstanding about robots & cobots

💡what are the real usability aspects of collaborating robots

💡how the story of robominds started and how he brought AI into the industrial space

…and a lot more!

Photocredits: Adobe Stock

Maurice Brodhun
Head of Marketing