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Nov 2023
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💡 AI robotics talk: Interview with our partner SE Automation

On our mission to skill up every industrial robot with a brain, strong partnerships are really important to move even further. At the end of October, we had our Swedish partner Karl Ericsson, CTO at SE Automation visiting us at robominds.labs. In our interview with Karl, he gave us some insights in his point of view about AI robotics and the future role for the industry.


robominds: "Who are you and what is your Business specialized in?"  

Karl: "My name is Karl Ericsson, I come from SE Automation. We are a distributor and system integrator in the collaborative robotics industry of Sweden. We work with Universal Robots, Mobile Industrial Robots and robominds."

robominds: "Why have you decided to partner with robominds?"

Karl: "Different vision systems have different positive aspects and what we see in the industry is, that more and more people want to have a solution where CAD data isn’t a factor. And the robobrain® gives us exactly that."

robominds: "What makes the collaboration with robominds special for you?"

Karl: "When working in industry you spend a lot of your day working in your job and you might as well do it with the people that you enjoy working with. And the people at robominds are both technically very skilled but also very fun to be with."  

robominds: "Which advantages do you see in the use of AI combinated with robotics?"

Karl: "Industrial robots in conventional robotics has always been path planning just taking your coordinate system into another coordinate system and we will always have the applications that have to be super-fast and just doing something over and over again the same way. But today the production environment has changed a lot and with that a lot of the programming will also change. And as the pace of programming changes, we will need to implement AI to actually make that transaction faster and easier to enable operators to focus on what they are good at which is the actual procedure that we want to automate with robots. That’s where AI is gonna come in."

robominds: "What do you personally think, which role will AI play in 10 years in our industry?"

Karl: "I think we don’t actually know what’s gonna happen. I think that something is gonna happen, but we have no idea what it will be. If we look back at the developments, that has been happening over the past 10, 15 years, all steps no one has been able to predict them. And it’s gonna be something that we might see tomorrow, we might see the day after, and that’s gonna change the whole industry."

robominds: "What is your advice to everyone in the industry, who wants to start with smart automation?"  

Karl: "Start small, start with the 80-20-rule and don’t try to do everything at once. Start with the simple things, you can automate well and make sure that you really gain trust in the technology with your personal. Because if you get that on the ground floor where every blue color just accepts the technology, that’s when you really can use smart automation in a large scale."

Vivien Weiser
Marketing Managerin