Protect your developed Universal Robots+ (URCaps) products with
our USB dongle license solution against unauthorized duplication.

The robominds license solution is simple to integrate into your existing URCaps project
and warrants safe protection.

Your advantages:

  • Simultaneously a data carrier: Save your URCap onto a USB dongle
  • No installation of additional software onto the robot necessary
  • Several applications can be secured with a dongle
  • Our license solution is specifically developed for Universal Robots robots (CB and E-Series controllers)
  • Optimized for industrial use
  • Java SDK allows simple integration into your UR+ product
  • Flexible licensing models

Full Control

With the robominds USB dongle solution, your Universal Robots+ plugin can only run on UR robots with a connected USB dongle.

Your plugin is thus protected by additional hardware from unauthorized copies of your software.

Simple process

1. Connect dongle 

Connect the robominds USB dongle to a normal USB port

2. License the dongle

Our easy-to-use software creates a new license on the USB dongle

3. Use the dongle

The USB dongle can immediately be used on a Universal Robots robot

Developer Kit

Our developer kit includes all components to get started
with the robominds license solution.

  • 5 x USB dongle
  • Java software SDK
  • Software library
  • Documentation

Technical Specifications


Operating temperature

-40°C to 85°C

MTBF @ 25°C

> 5,000,000 hours

Dimensions / Plug

Dimensions (LxWxH)

34.0 mm x 12.2 mm x 4.5 mm


USB 2.0, Type A

Plug cycles

min. 10,000



Proprietary encryption

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