Robominds integrates collaborative robot arms and solutions for
machine tending, packagingand palletizing,
and pick & place operations.

Automate your processes to increase the quality and speed of recurring
production tasks and get a fast return on your investment.

Robotic automationis affordable for small and medium sized enterprises.

Machine Tending

We integrate robotic solutions for you to automate and simplify the repetitive loading, unloading and processing of machines.

We program the robot arm to tend your machines and relieve employees of repetitive work – freeing their time to be used to add value to your business.

Easily manage your machine tending applications for small-volume production and varying processes with pre-defined programming steps for which no previous coding experience is necessary. We customize the robot in advance to meet your manufacturing requirements and tasks. Get a leading edge by improving the precision of your tools.

Packaging & Palletizing

Automate your packaging and palletizing applications with robot integration to increase your productivity and cut costs. Ensure that your deliveries are always correctly counted and packed to the strictest standards.

The robotic arm and gripper arrange the products in a specific pattern to best utilize the pallet space.

Relieve workers from repetitive work and heavy lifting of packages, successfully adapt to new product packaging and palletizing requirements, and meet the challenge of shortened product life cycles.

Pick & Place

Robotic pick and place automation increases your production rates and speeds up the process of picking up objects and placing them in new locations with precision.

We integrate robots to flexibly run your repetitive pick and place applications, allowing your workforce to optimally handle inventory and the challenge of varying processes around the clock, ultimately cutting costs.

Our intuitive, easy-to-program robotics solutions are ideal for small-volume production, and frees up your workforce to drive your core business.