Robominds analyzes your production processes and identifies
the ideal robotics solutions for your automation tasks.

We then implement the robotic systems and train you to
easily manage your collaborative robots
and achieve the
highest possible return on investment.  

Robot Integration

Robominds develops and implements flexible robotic solutions that will improve production and quality and cut your costs.

We are trained and certified to program, install and integrate your robots, grippers and vision system while meeting all safety requirements.

We program the complex tasks for your automation, making it easy for you without programming knowledge to re-use programs for repetitive tasks and varying processes.

This gives you the agility to quickly automate almost any manual task, including those with small batches.


  • Fast setup

  • Flexible deployment into new applications

  • Easy programming

  • Do not require safety guarding

  • High return on investment


Robominds assesses your existing processes and provides a budget, scope and specifications of the optimal hardware and software automation solutions for your robotics integration.

We take time to listen to your needs and will advise you on how to approach your project.

As a preferred system integrator for Universal Robots in Bavaria, Germany, robominds advises you on planning and managing the automation of your processes with the most suitable robot arm, gripper and vision system.


  • Evaluation of your current process and future goals

  • Consultation on the most cost-saving robotics solutions

  • Proof of concept

  • Strategic plan for the implementation of robots, grippers and vision systems

Training & Support

Robominds provides you with any level of support for your robotic needs from conceptual evaluations and training to implementation and turnkey solutions that give you the ROI you are looking for.


  • Training and Support based on UR standards

  • Learn basic or advanced programming of cobots

  • Robot integration training

  • Train hands-on, individually or in groups

  • Telephone and chat support