The automation solution for the loading and unloading of your
MIMAKI industrial printer.

Let’s automate and integrate

MIMAKI and robominds have developed an automation solution that automatically loads and unloads your print products using collaborative robots. The flexibility that our automation system offers with the 6-axis robot arm from Universal Robots perfectly meets the flexibility of the MIMAKI UJF-7151 plus. The robominds loader has a modular design and can be adapted to all printed products. The safety technology is adapted to your environment.

optimized for:
MIMAKI UJF-7151 plus

robominds GmbH provides you the optimized system
with collaborative robot and software.

Higher efficiency

Ready to use

Easy with UR

With the robominds loader you can fully exploit the productivity of your MIMAKI printer.

24-hour operation is now possible.

The robominds loader is connected to your MIMAKI printer via a simple network connection.

Our automation solution is ready to use in a matter of minutes.

The easy-to-use robots from Universal Robots, combined with our MIMAKI software, enable a simple and flexible handling of our solution.

Technical Specifications

  • Payload up to 10 kg

  • Vacuum or parallel gripper

  • Reach up to 1300 mm

  • Ethernet communication

  • USB dongle with URCaps

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