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Robominds’ smart control unit and vision system
for simple robot integration.


With robobrain.Control, you can manage your robot tasks via drag & drop, using script modules that we preconfigure to meet your process needs. Consequently, our innovative automation solution minimizes your programming effort and speeds up your production. The solution is easily expandable and robust.

robobrain.Vision can be optimally integrated, allowing robobrain.Control to simulate and manage the robot’s movements and your application tasks in 3D. Execute your production with robobrain.Control for greater efficiency and cost-savings.


  • Process Editor allows drag & drop programming of complex processes

  • Multi-vendor (Kuka and Universal Robots)

  • Web interface

  • Simple expansion

  • High-performance computing unit

  • Optimal integration of robobrain.Vision

  • Fast payback


robobrain.Vision is our user-friendly vision system for the precise optical recognition of objects and geometric structures. It calculates the optimal gripping points to quickly and flexibly manage your automation processes.

robobrain.Vision detects the position of workpieces of different forms and sizes.

robobrain.Vision has an integrated camera system with 3D image processing for your robot control. Our solution guides your robot to manage machine-tending, pick & place, packaging and palletizing tasks.


  • 3D image processing

  • Robust in various light conditions

  • Box recognition, e.g. for palletizing

  • Flexible use for many applications such as bin picking

  • Easily teach new objects

  • Simple and secure update mechanism always provides you the latest version of our algorithm (subscription model)

  • Optimized for Universal Robots – plug-in for easy integration

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