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Hand-eye coordination is one of the most complex challenges in robotics. What people naturally and instinctively learn in their first year of life is one of the most complex challenges in automation: seeing, recognizing and gripping objects.

Using artificial intelligence and complex vision algorithms, the award-winning smart picking solution meets exactly this challenge. The camera mounted on the robot arm or above the station detects any objects to be gripped without training, not depending on the coordinates, and identifies ideal gripping points autonomously: the smart picking system of the future.


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  • Coordinate independent
  • Overlay of objects possible
  • Separation of chaotically stored bulk material
  • Modularly expandable with existing AI skills or customer-specific applications
  • Industrialized 3D camera

The smart setup of allows its use regardless of the robot type or gripper. The multi-compatible interfaces enable the robot to grip the object directly, both via the manufacturer’s integrated solution as well as via the robominds robotics control robobrain.control.

The commissioning of is as easy as possible: software and camera including a quick-start-guide in form of a video tutorial come in an all-in-a-box package. Everything you need to get started. smart automation in the logistics sector

Far beyond common machine load, the strength of the system lies, above all, in complex picking or logistics solutions including container handling. This is implemented at fixed stations as well as on mobile driving platforms, by what our customers can use to automate complete logistic processes.

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mobiler Roboter - Smart Picking Vision
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Open-brand compatibility with robot and gripper brands

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Interfaces to manufacturer’s own control systems and communication with external systems


Optimal compatibility with robobrain.control and robominds AI Skills.

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All-in-a-box solution including camera and video tutorial for easy setup

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  • Accessories and mounting possibilities
  • AI Skills
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