Smart fleet management for robot collaborations

With robobrain.fleet, Factory 4.0 becomes reality: the system manages information about all robot control systems used in the process. Every system constellation, for example robot arm and gripper or robot and driving platform, is recorded and status tracked – smartly and in real time. With this, robobrain.fleet creates a constant overview of the health status of each individual robot used – and thus also of the entire system.



Integrated escalation management


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Smart Dispatcher.

The particular strength of robobrain.fleet lies in its flexibility: through plug-ins, the software enables holistic robot fleet control. Artificial intelligence provides an optimal distribution logic: a smart route planning of the individual robots in the overall process, taking into account their respective responsibilities and hardware requirements.

• Intelligent fleet control + route planning

• Skill-based robot distribution

• Optimum compatibility with robobrain.control

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