Robot control has never been so easy.

Intuitive, smart, and simple: robobrain.control is the robominds PLC vision. The user-friendly control interface takes robot programming and its hardware extensions to a new level: different manufacturers, individual constellations – robobrain.control consolidates all elements in one interface, where programming is possible with virtually no previous knowledge.

Einfache Roboter Steuerung via Drag & Drop: robobrain.control by robominds

Simple robot control via drag & drop: robobrain.control by robominds

Regardless of the interfaces of the individual separate components, individual instructions can be combined to form tasks and then positioned in the flow chart by drag & drop. In this way, the industrial process becomes a clear flowchart that simultaneously controls the robot components.

• Interface-independent

• Intuitive & descriptive

Robobrain.control also allows the simultaneous control of several robots at one station. Thus the software enables the central coordination of a collaboration of ≥2 robot arms for one task, also independently of manufacturer and interface. The combination of different brands of robot arms, grippers and cameras is also possible.

• collaborative

• Expandable with and/or robobrain.fleet


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