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Robobrain® Suite

Robotics, affordable and simple: fast and profitable automation of complex processes

With the robobrain suite we offer the possibility of programming industrial robots within a short time period and letting them take over monotonous tasks. Valuable working time can thus be saved, the payback period is correspondingly short, and the products are therefore worthwhile, especially for SMEs. All standards in user-friendliness, reliability and safety are met and adapted to updated requirements. robobrain AI paves the way for human-robot collaboration in Industry 4.0.

Roboter Flottenmanagement System robobrain.fleet am Kommissionierregal


Smart fleet management for robot collaborations

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Hand-eye coordination at the highest level

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Künstliche Intelligenz für Robotik: robominds Vision System
Roboter Steuerung mit Künstlicher Intelligenz: robobrain® by robominds


Robot control has never been so easy.

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“If someone tells us things are impossible, those are their limits – not ours.”

All in a box Lösung für Setup: robobrain.control by robominds

Robobrain – Hardware in a box

Based on Artificial Intelligence, the software products of the robobrain® suite enable the automation of individual industrial processes. The robobrain with its operating system robobrain.os is the brain of every robominds application and the most important piece of hardware in the integration process. Supplied as an “all-in-a-box” solution in a practical case, the hardware setup and subsequent installation and integration of the robobrain.suite products can be carried out easily and independently on site.

For the programming of complex processes such as those in logistics or manufacturing, experienced robotics integrators can work for days or weeks. For some companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, process automation is therefore unprofitable, and unattractive work is left to humans.