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OnRobot RG2 Gripper

OnRobot RG2 Gripper

OnRobot’s RG2 gripper is a specifically designed end-of-arm tool for Universal Robots that allows seamless integration without the need for additional installation kits and external cables.

This plug&produce collaborative gripper solution is simple to install and program and comes with a single mounting bracket. The RG2 is also available in a precision configuration which features safety shields for the gripper fingers.

Gripper opening 0 to 110 mm
Gripper weight 650 g
Maximum Payload n/A
Grip Force 3 to 40 N

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OnRobot RG6 Gripper

OnRobot RG2 Gripper

Designed for seamless integration, the RG6 collaborative gripper is an end-of-arm tool for Universal Robots’ UR3, UR5 and UR10 cobots.

This plug&produce gripper manages a higher payload than the RG2 gripper and needs neither external cables nor installation kits. The fast installation and simple programming of the grippers reduces your deployment time by 30%.

The standard RG6 is configured with a single mounting bracket for precision and can be equipped with safety shields.

Gripper opening 0 to 160 mm
Gripper weight 1000 g
Maximum Payload n/A
Grip Force 25 to 120N

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Robotiq 2-Finger 85mm

Robotiq Gripper 85mm
Gripper opening 0 to 85 mm
Gripper weight 900 g
Maximum Payload 5 kg
Grip Force 20 to 235 N

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Robotiq 2-Finger 140mm

Robotiq Gripper 140mm
Gripper opening 0 to 140 mm
Gripper weight 1000 g
Maximum Payload 2.5 kg
Grip Force 10 to 125 N

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