The robominds vision: true Artificial Intelligence for industrial robotics

Robominds pursues one central goal: as a pioneer of true artificial intelligence, to usher in a new era of robotics. We are working towards flexible usability and ease of use that allows anyone and everyone to program industrial robots and use them easily, efficiently and flexibly.

For this vision, we are developing intelligent systems that assign completely new roles to robots in their working environment. We use artificial intelligence to enable industrial robots to work automatically and independently, e.g. in the production or logistics process, and thereby optimize them for flexible and reliable use.


Robot control has never been so easy.

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Smart fleet management for robot collaborations

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Hand-eye coordination at the highest level

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Every robot needs a brain

Innovative and easy to use – the robominds product range is the key foundation for all application scenarios: our unique ecosystem makes it possible for any process to be automated. Suitable skills can be installed on the highly efficient robobrain® with its operating system – NEUROS. Various components such as robot arms, grippers and vision systems are controlled by the OS intelligently without complicated learning processes. This allows us to cope with any individual practical requirements quickly with tailor-made and quick solutions. At the same time, the system allows our customers to integrate and roll out the robobrain applications themselves quickly and easily in their business processes.

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Robotics expertise with a holistic perspective

We can offer this unique, smart, complete package for application scenarios in industry because our core competencies are multifarious: with our team of experts in software as well as hardware, we have the perfect combined skillset for smart robotics.

With the agility and passionate persistence of a startup, and the seriousness and professionalism of an established company, we work in the heart of Munich to make robotics better and – above all – better usable. At robominds, IT, AI, and hardware specialists bundle their know-how to create the exclusive robominds suite: a product range that uses real artificial intelligence to create completely new possibilities in robotics and automation for industrial processes of all types and sizes.

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