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May 2023
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robominds at automatica 2023 - save your free ticket now

From June 27-30, automatica - the leading trade fair for automation - opens its doors again to present the latest trends and solutions in automation. One of the main topics this year: the use of Artificial Intelligence. What the industry needs now more than ever are flexible, scalable solutions to remain competitive in times of skills shortages & increasing product diversity. As a pioneer in AI robotics, robominds will present use cases from various industries to show what is already possible today with the use of AI - and what will be possible in the future.

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Skill up your robots - with the patented robobrain® technology

At this year's robominds booth (B4.500),visitors get the chance to explore robobrain®: the brain that gives industrial robots human intelligence. In combination with AI skills, robots can thus learn a wide variety of skills and flexibly and efficiently master challenges in industries such as warehouse or lab automation. Thanks to its open interfaces, robobrain® can be combined with various robot arms from FANUC, Universal Robots, Robco and other robotics components such as vision systems or grippers.

robobrain® Starter Kit: The easy start into AI robotics

With the robobrain® starter kit and customized bundles, robominds presents ready-to-use solutions for processes such as (de)palletizing, order picking, machine loading or sample handling in the laboratory. Visitors of the booth will be able to experience robominds' AI skills live using various use cases - and, among other things, have their individual portrait created by the AI-controlled Paintbot.

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Maurice Brodhun
Head of Marketing